May Recap

The month of May started off with a 23Km walk in aid of 4 amazing international charities! Although by the end I had very swore feet I was very proud of myself and my time. I managed to complete the walk in just under 4 hours! I used the Map My Walk app to track my progress.

                     IMG_8764 IMG_8766

Nic and I had the first week of May off work and the weather was lovely so we made the most of it and went on a few nature walks.

IMG_2368 IMG_2628

IMG_2972 IMG_8795

If you saw my OOTD post then you will also know that we went on a day trip to Herm.  It’s always nice to pop over to Herm on the boat as the trip only takes 20 minutes and the weather was amazing! Herm is such a beautiful place so we took full advantage of the beautiful views.

IMG_2499 (1) IMG_2520

IMG_2612 IMG_2615

My blog turned two this month and Nic and I celebrated 3 years of being together!

IMG_2717 IMG_3000

What have you done this month?



2 thoughts on “May Recap

  • 2nd June 2016 at 4:03 am

    Yay for you for doing such great things for charities! My month has been full of revising for finals and working on my blog. Oh, and one more thing. Do you have a bloglovin account? I would love to follow you on there!


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