January Favourites

The items in my everyday makeup bag do not change very often but recently there have been a few new additions! Firstly, and I’m sure this comes as no surprise, is the Makeup Revolution Bronzer.  I have spoken about this a lot in recent posts but I just can’t get enough of it!  It’s the perfect contour shade for my fair skin, easy to blend and a fantastic transaction colour for the eyes too!  It’s a cooler, ashy tone, not too orange and not so pigmented that it’s hard to work with.  I also love that it’s a smaller size because, I don’t know about you but, I never get through a big Bronzer.

For my lashes I have a new favourite duo! This is the Benefit They’re Real Lash Primer layered with the Collection Fast Stroke Defining Lash Mascara.  I love this mascara but I found that when used on it’s own it could get a bit clumpy and it also transferred onto my eyelids.  By using the Benefit Primer underneath, it eliminates these two problems.  I have also been loving wearing the Benefit Primer on it’s own on a “no makeup day”.

To remove my eye makeup I have been using the Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye and lip makeup remover.  This product is amazing!  It’s oil based so really breaks down the mascara and is also gentle on the eyes.  For Christmas Nic’s parents bought me a set of beautiful makeup brushes and this one has quickly become my favourite from the set.  It’s the perfect size for applying blusher.

My lip pick for January has been this nude/pink from Makeup Revolution. I don’t think the shade has a name but it was from the 2016 advent calendar.  These are not the most long lasting lipsticks but they wear off beautifully and are not at all drying. If you want to see it on check out my previous post, Belle Makeup. There are a few shades from the Makeup Revolution Flawless 2 palette that I have been reaching for nearly everyday, namely Entire, Skill, Excel, Shine and Faultess.  Skill and Entire are matte shades and the other are shimmer shades.  All of the colours in this palette are beautiful but these are the ones I automatically reach for in the mornings.

By far my favourite accessory throughout January was my Anna Saccone Aries Necklace.  I have especially loved wearing this over a pink or white jumper with a big cosy scarf.  I haven’t had a favourite song for a while but during January Ed Sheeran released two singles from his new album, Castle on a Hill and Shape of You and both Nic and I love them! Netflix also released season 2 of Shadow Hunters and so far it’s just as good as the first season.

What were your favourite products during January?



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