Halloween Makeup 2017 #2 Trickster

I wasn’t sure what to call this look as, to be honest, I was not sure what I was aiming for when I was creating it.  I’ve opted to call it a Trickster look, in the most light hearted sense of the word.  A take on a mischievous pixie maybe.

I started off by creating a light base using face paint and a sponge before applying a true red blush quite heavily to my cheeks.  Using red face paint I put a vertical line down through each eye thickening this up towards the middle.  I used a red eyeshadow all around the eye and across the lid in quite a messy way.  I applied a bright red lip, a bit of gloss and some stick on gems to finish it all off.

This is a quick, simple look which doesn’t require you to be neat.  Throw on some bold coloured, mismatched, oversized clothing and you’ve got yourself a full costume.



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