Halloween Makeup 2017 #3 Goblin King

I am a huge fan of the film Labyrinth and love David Bowie’s character, Jareth, the Goblin King! He has a very distinctive look with the chiselled cheekbones and crazy eyebrows. I couldn’t resist giving it a go.


For the brows I first marked out the shapes with brown eyeshadow before using a brown eyeliner to add some hair like lines. I used a white shadow in the spaces between and took some black and brown shadow all the way around the eye.  I did not apply mascara as this would make the eyes appear bigger and I wanted my eyes to look small and narrow. Once I was happy with the eyes I contoured my cheek bones and nose again and again and again! For the lips I blocked these out with concealer before using a nude liner to draw these back in narrower.  It’s quite a challenge to make your features appear smaller when, in the world of makeup, we are so used to making our eyes and lips appear bigger.

Have you seen Labyrinth?




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