I turned 25 on Wednesday and Nic and I went for a short 3 day trip to Jersey to celebrate.  We flew over on Wednesday morning and of course, (not having one in Guernsey) we went straight to McDonald’s for a cheeky brunch.  If you can’t have McDonald’s for breakfast on your birthday when can you?

One thing we knew we wanted to do while in Jersey was visit the zoo, so as the sun was shining we jumped straight onto the bus and headed to Durrell’s Wildlife Park.



I really wanted to bring this Meerkat home! For more animal photos check out my Instagram. For dinner that evening we went to the Wildfire Steakhouse.  I don’t eat steak but Nic does so he enjoyed that while I enjoyed a massive bowl of roasted mediterranean vegetable linguini.  It was delicious!

On the Thursday we went into town to do a bit of shopping, dodging the rain and exploring the lanes.

The best part of the day by far came at 8:10pm when Nic and I took our seats in Cineworld to watch …. The Greatest Showman!!!!! I was so excited and cried nearly all the way though.  It is such an amazing film.  It certainly did not disappoint.  I had such high expectations and they were most definitely met and exceeded.

On Friday we went to visit Tamba Park to see the Dino Trail attraction as we had seen this advertised everywhere.

It was slightly smaller than I was expecting and I don’t know if I would go again but I like the photos we got so for that reason I would say it was worth the visit.

Have you visited Jersey?






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