The Greatest Showman

“What’s waited till tomorrow starts tonight”

Two weeks ago I finally got to see The Greatest Showman and it is safe to say this has taken the top spot as my favourite film ever! If you have seen my most recent posts you will know that I have been addicted to the Soundtrack for months and have watched all of the behind the scenes clips and interviews I could find. Despite the film being in Cinemas for nearly five months the cinema was still nearly full, most people coming back for a repeat viewing which is credit to how amazing this film truly is.

The Greatest Showman is a musical film inspired by the story of P T Barnam and his creation of the Barnam and Bailey Circus.  It is an inspirational story all about acceptance and togetherness. Everything about this film is beautiful, from the music to the production, the costume, the choreography and the artwork.

The 9 beautiful songs written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul can tell the story without needing to see the film but are also fantastic and highly addictive songs on their own. My favourite songs are The Greatest Show, From Now On and of course the number one hit This Is Me. Such a powerful song!  I love to hear young children singing along to such a powerful song with such a positive meaning. If you have not seen the behind the scenes clip of Keala performing This Is Me then you must watch it.  Click here to watch it now.

The Costumes, designed by Ellen Mirojnick play a big part in setting the scene of the film.  Hugh Jackman’s character of P T Barnam sporting some 19th Century suits and of course his dashing Ringmasters suit. Zac Efron’s character of Phillip Carlyle also has a selection of great suits, slightly more pristine than those of P T Barnam evidencing that he is a man with more wealth.  I love that his ringmasters suit differed slightly to P T Barnams, with the suit jacket being shorter at the front.

My favourite costume is Anne Wheeler, played by the gorgeous Zendaya.  Anne’s outfit contains real Swarovski crystals throughout giving it that amazing circus sparkle.  The purple leotard and pink wig compliment each other so well and really suit the character of the acrobatic trapeze artist.

The Character of the bearded lady, Lettie Lutz, played by the formidable Keala Settle also has some beautiful outfits.  For the This Is Me scene Lettie wears a beautiful turquoise silk almost mermaid inspired dress.  Lettie’s circus dress is a royal purple silk dress with an amazing full skirt, high shoulders and some black lace detail around the edges.  I love the way the full skirt moves with the choreography.

I decided I would put together a look together inspired by the colours of the circus.  I decided to choose blue, like the turquoise blue of Lettie’s dress as my main colour.  I did a blue and silver smokey eye with black kohl liner, lots of mascara and a blue star sequin. I used a highlighting pink blush and a pink lipstick.  I also added some of the blush to my cupids bow and added a pink high shimmer eyeshadow to the centre of my lips.

Have you seen The Greatest Showman?



4 thoughts on “The Greatest Showman

  • 15th April 2018 at 6:23 pm

    This is so amazing!!!!

    • 18th April 2018 at 7:20 pm

      Thank you so much!

  • 10th May 2018 at 11:30 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed The Greatest Showman 😀 I thought all the actors and actresses fit their parts perfectly didn’t they and I agree the soundtrack is fantastic 🙂 I remember after seeing it I had Rewrite the stars on repeat for so long haha! I agree it is so powerful to hear kids sing This Is Me, my cousin’s kids are learning to sing it for a school concert they are putting on which is amazing. Ooh I had no idea Zendaya’s outfit in the film has swarovki crystals in it, how fabulous!! I still can’t believe Zac Efron and Zendaya actually did those stunts, it blows my mind! I loved reading your thoughts on the film, your passion for it really shines through in your words which is lovely to read 😀 And this look is absolutely stunning on you! Your eyes look incredible, you suit this look so much! 😀

    Violet Daffodils

    • 12th May 2018 at 5:21 pm

      Thank you Kate. I just had the whole album on repeat, still do! I got my dispatch email for the DVD yesterday. I can’t wait to watch it again. Thats adorable. Their little voices singing that big song is going to be so sweet, enjoy it! I would love to hear how it goes.
      Yes I know. I wish I was strong enough to learn trapeze and so quickly like they did. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. xx


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