Cinderella Inspired Makeup.

I love Disney. I love the stories, the animation, the songs, the Princesses, just everything about it really. This is the start of a blog mini-series I would like to do of Makeup looks inspired by the Disney Princesses.  I am saying Princesses but may include some other Disney Characters too if all goes well.  This first look is based on Princess Cinderella.

I started off with a light powdered base before adding a bright pink blush to my cheeks. For my eyes I applied some blue eyeshadow to my crease and a pale high shimmer to the centre of my crease.  I also applied some silver glitter.  I really struggled to photograph the shimmer shade and the glitter.  I would be grateful if anyone would share any tips.  I then used a wet brush with a deeper blue eyeshadow to line my upper lash line.  I also took some of this blue along my lower lash line before highlighting my inner corner with a bright white.  I applied some mascara and filled in my brows as I normally would.  For my lips I applied a light pink lipstick and added some gloss for a bit of extra shine.

Who is your favourite Disney Princess?




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